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Life on the road brightens up for our hip-hop travellers, as they meet the enchanting Maggie and the glittering Mediterranean on the sunny Côte d'Azur.

This time the four boys have to leave the comfy confines of Julie’s parents’ house for real. It’s a rainy, grey Sunday morning in Pontarlier and the air is filled with melancholy. Nobody wants to say goodbye, neither the boys nor MC Amalgam, Julie, her parents.

Same goes for David who spent the night in Lausanne with his girlfriend. Due to him being on the road on his own, the two can’t spend their holidays together, the only time they actually have together since she lives in Lausanne and David in Ulm.

The situation has been causing disappointment on either side and David seized the chance of the geographical vicinity and went to Lausanne last night to talk to Audrey. The look on his face, however, upon returning the next morning still isn’t the happiest. She drops him off in front of the house, hops into her car again and quickly leaves the scene. Later on in the car there’ll be enough time for the guys to talk to David about it, but now they have to pack up their stuff – again…

They want to go towards Nice today, which is a long way from Pontarlier. Since the rain the night before was so heavy, they have to take all their belongings out of the car again and clean them up a in order to avoid stinky mould and other little discomforts.

Meanwhile Julie’s hospitable parents prepare a rich lunch, making it even harder for the boys to leave and get going. They don’t know anyone in Nice, don’t know where to stay and surely won’t be cooked lunch.

The first day at the Côte d'Azur is bliss! Finally, after the long stretch of miserable, Northern European weather, the sun’s out for longer than an hour. The water of the Mediterranean is glistening in the sunshine and palm tree branches are swaying in the wind. Driving through little villages in the mountains offers the most amazing views over the French Riviera. But there’s no time to stop somewhere and take a dip in the water. Today is organisation day.

The boys don’t really know anyone around Nice, Cannes and St Tropez and so far they don’t know where to perform and earn money yet. They head for the next internet café to a) update their Facebook status and let people know what they are about to do and b) find out what they could be doing next.

One thing is sure though: Maggie, a singer that contacted them via the internet, came down to Nice, too, because she wants to jam with the boys the next day. Not only that… she doesn’t know where to stay either, which basically means that they all camp together in a National Park somewhere in the mountains of Nice. A very romantic picture.

Waking up in the mountains around midday – wonderful! But it takes time to come down to the city again. The ride down into the city of Nice takes its time and rightly so. Small mountain villages and great views of the bay are amazing hangout spots to enjoy being in a French traffic jam.

The luxurious beach promenades of Nice offer the perfect location to try and sell some CDs and t-shirts. Rich, elderly ladies just love the four boys… especially Hanno.



Small children dance to the beats and Maggie’s voice adds a soft, tender touch to Jamie and Hanno’s freestyling. Again, the sky is blue and finally the summer feeling that was always meant to be an essential part to the journey makes a first appearance.

But at the end of the day, they sell less than they had hoped for, especially being around so much money. Unfortunately it’s time for Maggie to say goodbye again the next day. She had a great time, camping with the four and jamming on French beaches, but needs to go back to Germany.

The boys give her a ride to Nice airport and once again, saying goodbye isn’t that easy. After more than two weeks with basically just themselves around, it was quite nice to spend some time with a girl and have a female addition to the group. But that’s the crux about journeys like this one. You meet a lot of great people and after just a day or even hours you have to say goodbye again, not knowing if you will ever see them again.

Hanno, Jamie, Max and David want to give the rich people another chance to buy their great album. Let’s hit La Croisette in Cannes! It’s time for a shower (after something like three days, not the worst idea) on the beach or sneak into one of the private bathing spots, a dip in the Mediterranean and some business.

Although the day before was also spent on the beach, the boys want to repeat it. With a long drive towards the middle of Spain coming up, it’s only fair to spend as much time near the cooling water as possible.

A refreshing water pistol fight is followed by a fully equipped cruise along the most famous stretch of beach on the Côte d'Azur. They sell a few CDs, rap away and have quite a lot of fun, but the little money that was made is also lost again rather quickly – and David can’t remember where he last saw his guitar case…


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