ASP World Tour 2012

ASP Hurley Pro at Trestles | Mick Fanning is the man to beat

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The sixth stop of the 2012 ASP World Championship Tour is in full swing as the surfers hit the breaks at Lower Trestles. The man everybody is out to beat is tour leader Mick Fanning.

The biggest threat to Mick in California is fellow Aussie Joel Parkinson who is also having an exceptional year and is currently sitting second in the overall leaderboard. After the early rounds of the Hurley Pro at Trestles a third round score of 9.93 by Joel remains the highest single wave score at the competition.

“That wave felt good, it was a perfect little Lowers wall. Getting that first real good hit was sweet and allowed me to fell confident from the first turn.”

With Joel’s surfing impressing the judges the Aussie is keeping an eye out for opportunities to make by some ground on Mick Fanning.

“I just try and keep up with Mick (Fanning). I saw his last performance and although it probably wasn’t one of his best it was still really solid. He’s a momentum builder, he builds houses through the event and towards the end of the event he starts to really find his form.

Following Joel through to the quarter-finals at Trestles is Hawaiian hotshot John John Florence. The 19-year-old surfing sensation scored a third round win over Yadin Nicol before coming out on top against Jordy Smith and Adriano de Souza in round four.

“It felt good to get some good scores in the fourth round after a slow heat with Yadin (Nicol). The waves looked fun and I don’t know if it was me or the waves but that heat ended up being weird. I switched my board up and went out with a fresh start and ended up having a good time in round four. I’m so stoked to be straight in to the quarter-finals because those round five heats tend to be the gnarliest heats of the event.”

Check back into for all the latest news from the Hurley Pro at Trestles including results from today’s round five match-ups.

Heat 1: Julian Wilson (AUS) vs. Mick Fanning (AUS)
Heat 2: Jeremy Flores (FRA) vs. Kelly Slater (USA)
Heat 3: Josh Kerr (AUS) vs. Jordy Smith (ZAF)
Heat 4: Adriano de Souza (BRA) vs. Gabriel Medina (BRA)

Heat 1: Taj Burrow (AUS) 12.93, Julian Wilson (AUS) 12.60, Kelly Slater (USA) 11.20
Heat 2: Adrian Buchan (AUS) 17.23, Jeremy Flores (FRA) 15.97, Mick Fanning (AUS) 10.17
Heat 3: Joel Parkinson (AUS) 17.87, Gabriel Medina (BRA) 15.40, Josh Kerr (AUS) 13.63
Heat 4: John John Florence (HAW) 18.57, Adriano de Souza (BRA) 16.27, Jordy Smith (ZAF) 12.67

Heat 1: Kelly Slater (USA) 15.70 def. Matt Wilkinson (AUS) 10.00
Heat 2: Julian Wilson (AUS) 14.03 def. Alejo Muniz (BRA) 12.34
Heat 3: Taj Burrow (AUS) 15.60 def. Adam Melling (AUS) 14.30
Heat 4: Jeremy Flores (FRA) 16.20 def. Kai Otton (AUS) 12.23
Heat 5: Adrian Buchan (AUS) 18.13 def. Heitor Alves (BRA) 8.93
Heat 6: Mick Fanning (AUS) 15.34 def. Dusty Payne (HAW) 13.33
Heat 7: Joel Parkinson (AUS) 18.33 def. Taylor Knox (USA) 13.33
Heat 8: Gabriel Medina (BRA) 17.37 def. Michel Bourez (PYF) 17.06
Heat 9: Josh Kerr (AUS) 13.53 def. Bede Durbidge (AUS) 9.67
Heat 10: Adriano de Souza (BRA) 17.20 def. Travis Logie (ZAF) 15.77
Heat 11: Jordy Smith (ZAF) 14.67 def. Brett Simpson (USA) 10.90
Heat 12: John John Florence (HAW) 14.44 def. Yadin Nicol (AUS) 9.90






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