Adam Malysz in action © Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Polish ski-jumper turned endurance driver Adam Malysz continues to impress at the Dakar 2012. Adam tells us about his journey so far…

Stage 12 of the Dakar treated us well with a smooth drive through the dunes of Peru. The only problem we had was getting through the traffic to the special stage, but once we started racing everything went well. I was happy today went smoothly because yesterday was a really nasty day for us after we had a problem with our clutch.

We waited over five hours for the support truck to reach us and give us the parts we needed. It was a long day and such a relief to get the car back to camp after eventually solving the problem.

This is my first time racing the Dakar and I think the experience has provided a sample of everything the journey is about. We've had our fair share of good days but yesterday showed us that anything can happen at anytime during this race.

We lost six hours after yesterday’s problems. After the clutch was fixed we still had to drive back to camp and because it was the middle of the night we had to go slow. We passed through this very narrow canyon and the top speed we managed through there in the dark was no more than 5kmph.

"I think the titles I won as ski jumper made people expect I could go to the Dakar and win but that was never something I considered"

Despite having such a hard day it was still a great feeling to return to camp and know that we're still in the race. You forget any problems immediately and just think about getting back in the car and racing again.

I think the titles I won as ski jumper made people expect I could go to the Dakar and win but that was never something I considered. I said at the start of the race that this is just the beginning for me and I’m glad to still be in the race with two stages remaining.

My own personal goal at the start was to get to the end of the race and now I’m so close. I just want to finish the job I came to South America to do. If and when I get to Lima I'll start thinking about coming back to race. I don’t think this is just a one-time thing for me.  

null© Marcelo Maragni/Red Bull Content Pool

Another thing I’d like to say is how great the atmosphere is. I've enjoyed being among all the competitors, especially the Polish guys in the camp. These guys might be in different teams and disciplines but there is always help there if you need it. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see much of anyone else apart from my own team because there’s always so much do to. But I am looking forward to the Pulpety (Polish meatballs) that my friend Wojtek Sanecki from Red Bull Poland has promised to give me at the finish line.

Adam and his co-pilot Rafal Marton continue their 2012 Dakar Rally in Peru. Follow their progress on

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