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All back to My House


They’re former schoolmates – if thinking the other guy’s a douchebag makes you friends – and school-of-life grads. The Red Bulletin caught up with the duo backstage at Wellington’s Homegrown festival.

The Red Bulletin: What is it with trendy twosomes in music at the moment?
Sam McCarthy: Jordan and I have been good friends for a long time and music was the thing we had in common. Creating music together was a logical progression.

Jordan Arts: It got to a point where we didn’t even realise we’d started a band. It was just us mucking around with songs.

SMcC: It wasn’t part of a masterplan, but with electronic music, if you have too many cooks it doesn’t work.

Your song My House gets catchier with every listen.
SMcC: That was the catalyst for everything. It’s quite strange that the first song we wrote is the one that would go on to get us the prize, if you like.

JA: We never thought that much of it, then some of our friends started DJing it around Auckland and the response was really good. Ashley Page, who’s now our manager, had the idea to send it to C4 for a promo and when it got on TV, it put us in the limelight.

SMcC: For us, it was just a song, but Ashley saw an opportunity for the song, more so than an opportunity for the band. I thought that was going to be it – we were going to be a one-hit wonder, and I had come to terms with that – but things got out of control. That was when we had to commit to it and admit, ‘We’re a band now.’ It felt like we were almost too lucky. We were signed to a worldwide deal with Sony and I don’t like to admit it, but all the record company industry interest came from that one song, we had never played a live show.

JA: It was kind of cheating.

SMcC: It was cheating, but now we’ve put in the hours and the blood, sweat and tears.

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