Toro Rosso

Almost home and dry

2012 German Grand Prix Getty Images

With a couple of minutes to go to the end of this morning’s final hour of free practice, it looked as though the Hockenheim rain gods were going to spare us, but then a few drops began to fall, and within minutes of the end of the session, a major downpour hit the track.

This is most likely a foretaste of what we can expect in this afternoon’s qualifying session, so that the value of this morning’s work in the dry, checking set-up and balance and evaluating the relative merits of the two types of slick tyre, will only be seen tomorrow, when it is expected to be dry for the tenth round of the Formula 1 World Championship. Daniel and Jean-Eric alternated between the Prime and Option tyres and put in plenty of laps – 25 for the Australian and 23 for the Frenchman, on their way to 14th and 16th places respectively. The top three this hour? Fernando Alonso for Ferrari, followed by Lewis Hamilton in the McLaren and Sergio Perez for Sauber.

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