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Angela Eiter topped the lot to reach another milestone in her amazing climbing career after clinching a fourth world championship title in Paris.

With the men's competition seeing strong performances from Kilian Fischhuber and Rustam Gelmanov, the Red Bull athletes in action took home a complete set of medals.

Just two weeks after clinching her sixth Rock Masters victory, Austrian Angie, who became the first climber ever to win three world championship titles in Arco last year, beat her own record with a fourth win in France.

While Angie wasn’t satisfied with her semi-final round, she climbed quickly in the finals, falling just a few holds short of the top, and when Ja-In Kim, the half-time leader from South Korea, fell below Angie’s high mark, the 26-year-old couldn’t hold back her happiness. “This is unbelievable. I really don’t believe that I’ll be able to top this,” she said.

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After the victory, Angie said that she is looking forward to focusing more on rock climbing in the future. "This championship title qualifies me for the World Games at Colombia next year. I’d love to compete there.”

The bouldering competition of the men was equally exciting. Among the six finalists were Austrian Kilian Fischhuber, the bouldering legend of the past decade, and Russians Rustam Gelmanov, the 2012 overall world cup winner, and Dmitry Sharafutinov, the double world champion of 2009 and 2011.

The climbers gave a great show to the 7,000 people in the stadium, and in the first two boulder obstacles it looked as if Kilian was in a league of his own. Unfortunately he struggled on the third boulder with a technical body position and that allowed Dmitry to take the lead.

“My second place in Munich 2005 was the last time I was on the podium of a world championship. Therefore my biggest goal was to bring home a medal from Paris,” Kilian said, after the competition. Rustam’s third place completed the list of great achievements by the participating Red Bull athletes.

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Women's Lead Results

1. Angela Eiter AUT
2. Ja-In Kim KOR
3. Johanna Ernst AUT

Men's Bouldering Results
1. Dmitry Sharafutinov RUS
2. Kilian Fischhuber AUT
3. Rustam Gelmanov RUS

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