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In this week’s Red Bull Gaming Blog, Glen Ferris says goodbye to summer and hello to an autumn packed with must-have titles… 

With the days growing shorter and the need for an extra blanket at night becoming ever more urgent, it’s now impossible to ignore the end of another summer. For most people this is an undeniable bummer, but for gamers it means the hot season drought is coming to an end and the plentiful days are a-coming.

You see, most game distributors are under the impression that we don’t want to cooped up indoors when the sun is shining and so keep their top titles under wraps until there’s a palpable chill in the air. Happily, those long, dark days are drawing in and with them come a slew of exciting releases. These are the ones at the top of our list…

F1 2012
Year on year, Codemasters’ excellent Formula One sim has improved and this time should see the already impressively high bar raised at least a few notches higher. F1 2012 will feature all the cars, drivers and tracks – including the all-new Circuit of The Americas – and also introduce a Young Driver Test concept that gives noobs a chance to get a grasp of the basics. We’re expecting great things. Released: 21 September


Borderlands 2
Marking a return to the planet Pandora and some more of the same patented madcap lootin’ and shootin’, this anarchic effort comes complete with gorgeous cell-shaded graphics, ultra violence and more weapon choices than you can shake a sharpened stick at. The plot concerns a nasty corporation hellbent on eradicating all undesirable types from the planet but really it’s all about how much carnage you can reap – trust us, it’ll be a lot. Released: 21 September


Wayne Rooney may no longer be on the cover but we don’t expect much else to change (a few technical tweaks aside) in the latest instalment of the hugely popular series. So why bother buying the latest update? Well, all the major teams, the big leagues, the bigger players and access to the latest real-world football news if you’re connected to the web should make it well worth your while. Released: 28 September


Resident Evil 6
Resi is back and this time it’s aiming for all tastes with a choice of three different stories – featuring returning characters like Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield - all focusing on a worldwide zombie outbreak. It’s enough of a departure to give hardcore fans the jitters but we’re hoping this could be a shot in the arm for the once great but now flailing survival horror series. Released: 2 October



With Bioshock Infinite delayed until 2013, this pitch-black, steampunk-styled adventure could very well steal its thunder. Set in a stylised Victorian-era open-world, you take control of an assassin seeking revenge against those who wronged him. Expect much in the way of dingy plot, visceral action and rat possession – yes, you read that right. Released: 12 October


Medal of Honor: Warfighter
How much you’ll enjoy this depends on what you think about games set in current real-life warzones. Distasteful as it may seem to some, this series is well known for its high levels of authenticity and, more importantly, respect for those involved in life-endangering conflicts. As first-person shooters go, the Medal Of Honor games have always delivered on a visual, playable and emotional level - and we can’t see Warfighter being any different. Released: 26 October


Forza Horizon
Last year’s Forza Motorsport 4 was blooming ace and nigh-on unbeatable, so this year the Xbox-exclusive series is wisely taking a format detour with an emphasis less on circuit-based shenanigans and more on an open-world structure where AI drivers challenge you to road races and the like. It’s all very freewheeling and, to emphasise the point, the soundtrack has been handled by dancefloor maestro Rob da Bank. Released: 26 October


Lego Lord of the Rings
More block-based silliness from the hugely popular series, but this time set in a world perhaps unused to such irreverent treatment. Expect puzzle-solving, button-bashing and actual dialogue from the brilliant film series, as the Fellowship (including the serendipitously named Legolas) make their way to Mordor to get rid of that pesky ring. Released: 26 October


Assassin's Creed III
Ezio Auditore da Firenze's story has come to an end and now it’s time for another Assassin to take his place. The new lead character is called Connor - half-British, half-Native American, all-badass – who's introduced to the shadowy world of stabbing people in the back during the bloody American Revolution. All-new sea battles, loads of multiplayer options, improved gameplay mechanics and better visuals than ever before make this an absolute must-play. Released: 31 October


Halo 4

There’s been a fair amount of upheaval behind the scenes of the most anticipated game of the year, yet we live in hope that none of the real-world politics have affected Master Chief’s fourth outing. We’re promised a truly epic main campaign and a host of multiplayer options and, as long as the standard of previous outings is perpetuated, we see no reason why this shouldn’t be a huge, new trilogy-starting hit. Released: 6 November


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
While even the hardcore fans have expressed concern at the near-future setting, you have to admire developer Treyarch's attempts to inject some new life into an increasingly tired format. A focus on strategic gameplay coupled with some intriguing multiplayer changes could be just the boost the series needs. If it doesn’t work however we’re pretty confident it’ll still shift a shedload of units. Released: 13 November


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