Red Bull Thre3style 2012 Chicago

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Azerbaijan - DJ Twist

DJ Twist
Country of Origin: Azerbaijan
While the DJ culture in Azerbaijan may not be front and center by mainstream standards, it’s only a matter of time before 25-year-old native DJ Twist makes the world take notice.
In his hometown of Baku, the DJ industry is simply not that large. For the Red Bull Thre3style National Finals in Azerbaijan, Twist was battling against the same peers he learned from. But in Chicago, Twist knows he’ll have 15 minutes to shine against DJs from around the world.
“I will do my best to represent my country and show that DJs from Azerbaijan can rock a party as good as anyone else," he says.
In 2007, Twist took second place in the Azerbaijan DJ Championship. In 2011, he finished first. Now, he knows it’s his time to go from national champion to international star with a victory at the world finals by battling some of the best DJs from around the world.

Words: @hoopdeville89

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