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Battle 3: Brazil vs Poland vs Canada vs Bolivia vs New Zealand


The glamour, the lights, the soundsystem, the crowd... Thre3style is like something you've never seen or experienced before. Unless you're Brazilian finalist Nedu Lopes, who is making his third Thre3style appearance.

He narrowly missed out the top spot in Vancouver last year, will he be able to claw his way to the crown in 2012?

It won't be easy for him tonight, it's a strong group with Poland, Australia, Bolivia and current champions Canada all fighting for glory on stage at Reggie's Rock House.

BRAZIL: Nedu Lopes

Will it be third time lucky for the talented Brazilan? Nedu Lopes is treating his appearance tonight in a very tactical way. He says: 'Most of the DJs try to be different playing some typical styles from their own countries. I want to do this but not in an obvious way by adding some techno and house; styles connected to Chicago.' He was asked to be a judge this year in his native Brazil, but the Sao Paulo resident politely declined so he could compete in Chi-town.


The pressure is on for DJ Shub, as Canada are the current Thre3style champs - and they invented the entire Thre3style concept. DJ Shub explains: 'Party rockin' is in our blood, it's what we do!' He's also thankful to his friends and family back home for their support. He adds: 'My family were overjoyed, as was I. My crew A Tribe Called Red were flipping out when they heard the results. I owe a big part of my success to my bros deejay NDN and Bear Witness.' 


Other than DJing, DJ Kostek has something else on his mind for his maiden voyage to Chicago. 'It would be nice to see all of those skyscrapers in the Windy City!' he says. 'Also as a kid I used to be a huge fan of Michael Jordan - I hope to have time to visit Chicago Bulls stadium.' His winning set in his native Poland was one hell of a slam dunk, and his performance in World Finals week is set to be just as stunning. 

NEW ZEALAND: Scizzorhands

The antipodean is here to show the world that Kiwi's don't do things by halves. 'I think some people under-estimate NZ because of our small Population. We go 100% into things and don't hold back... most of the time!' he says. DJ Scizzorhands  is also excited about soaking up the atmosphere of the city. 'I want to meet Chicago People, eat Chicago food, drink a local beer or spirit. Live how they do for the short time I'm here,' he adds. 'I really want to go check out the Chicago Bulls Stadium and get a photo of myself next to the Michael Jordan monument. Most important thing I want from Chicago is the local knowledge.' ...And a good crowd reaction, of course!




He impressed at the Bolivian National Final with some of his Moonbathom remixes, and DJ BMAU will be hoping the hot new genre will be as well received in Chicago. The 26-year old has been digging deep in the city's musical annals in a bid to create the perfect set. 'I'm here to compete and try to win, achieve a good place. And for sure, to have a good time in every moment!'


After the winner of tonight's heat is announced, there'll be more expert mixing and pounding beats when Z-Trip and Scratch Bastid keep the crowd dancing until late.

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