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Battle 4: Azerbaijan vs Japan vs Colombia vs Jamaica vs Australia


Of all the preliminary rounds this week, tonight's looks sure to be the most eclectic. Azerbaijan, Japan, Colombia, Australia and Jamaica are set to fight tooth and needle for the final qualifier spot at tomorrow's World Final.

The unlucky DJs who are yet to qualify will also be keeping their fingers crossed that they're one of the two Wild Card names revealed tomorrow, competitiors who impressed the judges enough to be invited to compete at the World Finals, despite not winning their group.


For those not familiar with love, life and laughs Down Under, DJ Butcher is here to demonstrate. 'I hope to show the Finals that we don't take life too seriously and partying is all about the story the next day, whether you remember it or not,' he says. So who knows if he was joking when he added that his secret weapons are 'characters and costume changes.'


DJ Butcher - Australia – National Final by Red Bull Thre3style on Mixcloud



DJ Pho represented Colombia at last year's Thre3style World Finals in Vancouver, so he's no stranger to competing on a global stage. This year, he's looking forward to fully embracing Chi-town's rich musical heritage. The 29 year old says: 'Well Chicago is a very musical city, one of the finest blues, jazz, soul, hip-hop and house came from there. I’m looking forward to digging through some vinyl crates to find records to take to my hometown.'


DJ Pho - Colombia - National Final by Red Bull Thre3style on Mixcloud



He holds a residency at a top club in his home city of Baku, and DJ Twist is dead set on showing the USA that Azerbaijan know how to party! 'As the DJ industry is not that big yet in Baku, all DJs that were taking part in Thre3style National Final knew each other. But, in Chicago the DJs will be from all over the world, so it will be more interesting and harder to compete,' he says. It's the 25-year old's first time to the USA, and he is beyond excited to experience everything Chicago has to offer.

Japan's best Party Rocker is DJ 8 Man. He's part R-Rated Records, and will be showing Chicago how hip-hop gets the club crackin' til dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun.



DJ 8Man - Japan - National Final by Red Bull Thre3style on Mixcloud

He's spent this week closely studying the other finalists' sets, but tonight is DJ Nicco's turn to show off his skills. He says: 'In Jamaica our party culture is extremely diverse and incorporates a little of everything across the world in every musical sense. I am excited at having the opportunity to listen to other top DJs from across the world and how they get their crowds going.'

The Thre3style finalists are joined by Flosstradamus and Dillon Francis tonight, who will be keeping The Mid rocking til late.


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