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Kyle Croxall What odds on the champ bouncing back with a win in Lausanne? (Jarno Schurgers/Red Bull Content Pool)

Back, and maybe with a point to prove, after his surprise elimination before the last race, title holder and current championship leader Kyle Croxall talks about what to expect in Lausanne this week and rumours of a tasty rivalry developing between the Canadian and US athlete Cameron Naasz....

Since the last race in the Netherlands I have been back to work and back doing my training. I have been at the gym a lot and playing hockey quite a bit as well.

I have never not skated in a race so it was different sitting it out in the Netherlands. I don't think it will affect the championship points whatsoever. I'm still in the lead.

The track in Landgraaf was not the best I think everyone agrees with that. That race is in the past now though and we are on to bigger and better things! I can't wait for the last two races of the season!

I have seen some pictures of the Lausanne course already and it is looking great with a few technical spots that I am looking forward to!

As for the race for the title, the standings don't lie, the top four guys [Kyle Croxall, Derek Wedge, Cameron Naasz and Marco Dallago] are in it and can win it. As for what the guys in the media have been saying, I don't believe myself and Naasz have any rivalry other than good competition... You know the media love to ramp it up!

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