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Championship leader Kyle Croxall has arrived in Sweden ahead of the third ice cross downhill race of the season in Are, with many of the skaters using this week to get in some extra practice...


Since the last race in Valkenburg I have been touring Holland with a few of the Canadian guys. We landed in Sweden on Sunday and are staying in Aare now until the race this weekend.

I'm happy with my performances so far this season, and I hope to keep on winning. I've had a bit more time to train on the ice this year so that has probably helped with my results on the track and, after my first place in Minnesota last month, I got given the "follow me if you wanna come second" jersey.

Fabian Mels was my closest challenger in Valkenburg and he's a good racer. He could be again in Are but it depends on the type of course as anything can happen out there. There's a group of top skaters who are dominating the races at the moment and I expect it will be the same in Sweden.

People have been training on the practice track here for the past three days. Most of the countries' top riders have been supported by their countries so they can get in a bit of extra practice. There's quite a few of us here already but the Finnish guys had to go home for work reasons after Valkenburg so will be arriving later.

My brother and I are just waiting until Friday to do our practice runs. Scott has got some new blades on the way to put in his skates so we'll both be set.

You can follow me on Twitter for more updates @croxy88

Kyle has teamed up with the best ice cross downhill racers to get the inside track on the 2012 World Championship. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the season in the Blades of Glory blog.

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