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Blake Aldridge Busts Out A New Move | Red Bull Cliff Diving Boston

A first for Blake Aldridge © Dean Treml/Red Bull

UK diver Blake Aldridge delighted the Boston crowds gathered below the Institute of Contemporary Art yesterday with a brand new move.

The European cliff diving champion (and former diving partner of Tom Daley) finally nailed his back armstand 2 1\2 ss with 4 twist free during a training session on Friday. It's safe to say that was pleased with his efforts.

“I went up to do my new dive yesterday [Thursday] and things just didn’t feel right," said Aldridge after his new dive. "Today, I tried to not think about the dive and just get the competition out of the way. So I was a lot calmer before I even went up to the platform. And now I’ve done it! Of course I’m proud of myself. As I said, there’s nobody you can call about a dive that nobody has ever done before. All the information just came from what I learned in the lead up. I’m over the moon.”

“Ever since I’ve been doing the triple twist, I’ve always felt I could add one more twist," he went on. "But it’s a lot different to put that one extra twist on. It’s not a dive you’d normally do from ten metres, so there's been a lot of preparation as I figure it out in my head and believe that I can do it. I’ve done loads of lead-ups and my mentality is, if I put all the work in, what a waste if I don’t come and do it."

"It was a choice of doing it here or in Wales, but it’s a lot warmer here and the location is great, so I just wanted to do it. I am happy!”

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