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Hey guys,

In Portugal it went a little better than in Jerez, finishing 11th and 13th in the training sessions. Afterwards, in the race on Saturday, I started very badly and was back in position 19th. Step by step I caught the group but then I couldn't manage to go away because they were very hard on the brakes, and then again I was would have to overtake them. Finally I could get away, but it was too late, finishing 13th.

In the race on Sunday, a couple of drivers went down at the first corner and unfortunately I was involved. I was able to return to the track and to start to improve positions, 'till reaching the battle for 8th and. I am very happy, because despite the crash, I was able to finish 9th, and I think it is a better result than the last races.

We'll see you in Silverstone,




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