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Hey everyone...

I had a really bad weekend... in the Qualifying I had problems with the suspension and also in the 1st race... 

In the 1st race my start was very bad and I had to pass many other riders. After that I was not able to go faster because I had not so a good feeling for my front tyre. 

After the 1st race I changed the suspension for the 2nd race to go faster. The start of the 2nd race was really good but then 2 riders crashed in the 1st corner and they hit my bike and I had to drive a long way off the track. So then I had to catch the group in front of me, but it was not so easy because I had no slipstream and I was not really fast on the straight... 

So the race end with position 15... but I think it will be better in Silverstone

See you there




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