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Brezinski Makes History With Back-To-Back Red Bull Manny Mania Wins

2nd Sewa Kroetkov - Winner  Joey Brezinski - 3rd Brandon Biebel Sean Cronan - Red Bull Content Pool

Until today nobody had ever won Red Bull Manny Mania two years in a row, and Joey Brezinski’s back-to-back win was his 4th victory in the last six years. The reigning manny champion entered a final stacked with talent that included former Red Bull Manny Mania Winner Ronnie Creager, Brandon Biebel and 2011’s Red Bull Manny Mania World Amateur Champion Sewa Kroetkov from The Netherlands.
Sewa is an am skateboarder that’s no joke, his incredible balance and deep bag of manny tricks made him a major threat to the pros and landed him in second place again. Each year the Red Bull Manny Mania World Amateur Champion gets to skate in the Pro Contest, and if they place in the top three in the pro event like Sewa did in 2011 they are invited back.

The newly rebuilt Coleman skatepark under the Manhattan Bridge was filled with more than 1,000 skateboarders and fans that gathered to watch this unique pro manual contest. The high-level of technical skateboarding displayed by the pros on the custom built course, included past winners like Eli Reed, Ronnie Creager and pros that were new to the contest, like Torey Pudwill.

The level of skateboarding during the semifinals was so good that Brandon Biebel said, “I didn't think I made it to be honest, everyone was so good and everyone was busting. I didn't think I would make the cut. I was hyped to be at least top 4.” Biebel’s powerful manual combos throughout the finals earned him third place overall.


Proving that his success last year was no fluke , Sewa came out swinging with almost too many technical manual combos to count, including a hardflip to nosemanual to nollieflip out. Joey’s unnatural ability to remain on two wheels was hard to beat, and his halfcab noseslide to backtailslide to switch manny to switch 180 out was one of many techy combos that earned him another Red Bull Manny Mania Pro Title.

“Everyone in the semis was skating so good at first I wasn’t sure I would make the cut,” said Joey Brezinski. “It feels great that everything came together and I won.”

Once again, the amateur Red Bull Manny Mania World Champion advanced through the early rounds of the Pro contest to the semifinals. Today Joao Pedro “JP” Dantas, 2012 Manny Mania World Champion, was hyped at the opportunity, and said "I'm so glad I could skate here in the semifinals. I was in the top 5, I am so happy about that. It was so amazing! I grew up watching these guys (Brandon Biebel, Torey Pudwill) they are so sick.”

Between the finalists, the fans and many New York City local friends that turned out to enjoy a technical yet relaxed contest on a sunny summer Sunday, Red Bull Manny Mania proved that once again, the skating is hard but the living is easy.

Red Bull Manny Mania Pro Final Results:

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

1. Joey Brezinski
2. Sewa Kroetkov
3. Brandon Biebel
4. Ronnie Creager
5. Joao Pedro “JP” Dantas
6. Torey Pudwill
7. Eli Reed
8. Marty Murawski
9. Walker Ryan
10. Danny Falla
11. Alex Caronio
12. Joe Tookmanian
13. Austyn Gillette
14. Zered Bassett
15. Malcolm Watson
16. Kenny Hoyle
17. Ryan Decenzo
18. Bruno Ageuno
19. Derek Fukuhara
20. Andrew Cannon
21. Ron Deily
22. Richard Angelides
23. Steve Nesser
24. Ryan Gallant
25. Kenny Anderson
26. Danny Supa


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