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So at last night’s big bash were Alain Delon, Benicio Del Toro, Russell Crowe, Mick Jagger, Diane Kruger, Tom Ford, Jennifer Lopez and Marion Cotillard.

I was invited but had to wash my hair, or something. Anyway, I had to be up early this morning to watch Rachid Bouchareb’s quite superb, Outside The Law which tells the tale of the Algerian War of Independence through the eyes and experience of three brothers. It’s a real contender for the big award.

I thought he deserved one for his Oscar-nominated Days Of Glory in 2006, so maybe his time has come at last. I also bumped into the most affable, Gael Garcia Bernal at lunchtime, who told me of his new film Revolucion which I watched this very afternoon.

A series of short movies, all 10 minutes long and directed by him, Diego Luna and eight other big Mex directors, each looks at the Mexican Revolution (It’s the 100th anniversary this year) from a contemporary point of view. In true Mexican style, the films are as different as chalk and cheese and cover religion, death, festivities, patriotism and friendship but add up to one fine mass that speaks volumes about the film makers country.

And there we have it and there’s just one day left to the festival that’s all over bar the shouting.

In celebration I’m off to the Red Bull bash where Red Bull Music Academy delegate, the great re-editor and visionary, Pilooski aka Cédric Marszewski is DJing. I can't wait. And you can hear all about that tomorrow… 

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