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British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec name their Red Bull Thre3style Champion

DJ Friktion.jpg

Red Bull Thre3style British Columbia Regional Final 

The Red Bull Thre3Style BC regional finals went down at Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver on May 3, to determine which DJ would be crowned BC’s regional champion.

Vancouver was buzzing, as the crowd got to witness the battles between DJ’s Darylo, Evo, P-Luv, Friktion, Hubbz, Invizible, Praiz and Speedy Shoes. With a tie for third between DJ’s Darylo and Evo and another tie for second between DJ’s P-Luv and Praiz, the judge’s decision clearly wasn’t an easy one to make. In the end, it was all about was all about DJ Friktion who’s R&B inspired sound had the judges gripped and the club pounding.

Friktion, one half of the Goodfellas DJ crew and an official Crooklynclan Remix artist, rocked the crowd at Fortune and took home top honors and a trip to Halifax for Canada’s National Red Bull Thre3Style final on May 26.

Red Bull Thre3style Ontario Regional Final

The Red Bull Thre3style Ontario Regional Final came to Toronto’s Virgin Mobile Mod Club On May 4, to an amped up crowd. Conor Cutz hosted the night, with his usually charm and funny wit.

Fans of the DJs such as DJ Makem, showed up in full support gear from t-shirts to banners, while other DJs threw down their own self-support in DJ sets, by ‘trash’ talking the other DJs. Though, that was all in good fun, the competition was definitely steep.

DJ Shub started off the night with stylistic scratching and hip-hop heavy mixes. DJ Makem threw a shout out mid-set to MCA of the Beastie Boys (who had passed away earlier that day), in his club banger set.

DJ Rouge, DJ Jooce, Drastik, DJ Yoo and B-nutz, rounded off the competition with stellar 15 minute sets that kept the Mod Club shaking well into the morning. In the end, it was Fort Erie’s own DJ Shub, making his way to the Red Bull Thre3style National Final in Halifax, on May 26.


DJ Shub 

Red Bull Thre3style Montreal Regional Final 

On Saturday May 5th, Montreal got a large dose of Thre3style, with the Quebec Regional Final stopping at the Corona Theatre. Starting the night off was DJ Hatchmatik (former 2011 Canadian Red Bull Thre3style national finalist) to warm up the crowd.

DJ Fade Wizard from Quebec City was the first DJ to hit the stage. Fade showed great technical skills and put the crowd in the party mode, which earned him 3rd place. There were solid performances and mixes from all the DJs, not to mention Shaydakiss (the only female in the Quebec final) giving us some dance moves at the end of her set.  That didn't get her any extra points, but definitely won the crowd.

Second place went to Midas for his impressive scratching skills. Dr One (judge for the evening) from Team Canada, said he was one of the best scratchers he had seen in years.

DJ Henward let his originality and wicked song selection send the crowd into a frenzy.  The set was so crazy, he was crowned the best party rocker in the province! To close the night, MC D-Shade gave a world champion introduction to DJ Hedspin (2011 Red BullThre3style World Champion) who played his 2011 Thre3style winning set and left room for the judges to deliberate. Skratch Bastid closed the night and as it usually goes, kept the party goin'!


DJ Henward

Check out DJ Friktion, DJ  Shub, DJ Henward and  Thre3style on Twitter @djfriktion604 / @djshub / @djhenward / @redbull3style / @redbullcanada / #rb3style


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