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Honda’s MotoGP championship leader Casey Stoner gives us the inside line on his friends, home life and hobbies… and how he met Adriana, now Mrs Casey Stoner.

You’re friends with Chaz Davies [Supersport] and Leon Camier [World Superbikes], aren’t you? Do you cheer them along on TV?
I have to switch channels, because I don’t want to watch and I’m, like, “Augh, it’s taking too long, it’s taking too long.” Switch, watch something else… then come back to it. I just want it to go faster, you know?

So you’re a nervous watcher?
Yeah. I mean, a good mate like that? Definitely. If anything happens with them… they’re like family, pretty much.

'I haven’t got my 450 yet. I’m waiting for it…'

Do you text them during the meeting? Or do you just sort of stand back?
They hardly ever text me, I hardly ever text them. We catch up every year, every time we can, and we’re great mates but don’t need to be every day in contact, so… having a good race or bad race, we’ll get in contact every now and then.

Where do you consider as home? Do you find it nice living in Switzerland, or do you pang to go back to Australia?
To be honest, at this moment home is really Switzerland. I’ve got all my tools and bikes, and things like that.

Do you have a man-shed with a couch?
Yeah, it’s awesome.

It’s probably not a shed, it’s probably a garage, Casey.
Yeah, it is a garage with a big Snap-On toolbox in there, too… I love the place.

What bike, it is a 450?
No, that one’s a 250, because I haven’t got my 450 yet. I’m waiting for it. [At the question "Why?" there is general laughter in the background…] 

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When you and Casey met, you asked for an autograph, didn’t you, Adriana? [“Yeah,” Adriana confirms] So, Casey, how did you get in touch? Who chased who?
I don’t know how I knew, but somehow I knew – I can’t even remember now – that she and this other girl were together. Another girl and this guy came up to me, asking for my autograph, and it ended up being her sister. And her sister said, ‘Oh, my sister was going to come up here and wanted to get your number,” and I said, “Well, can I get hers?” And she said, “Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.” So yeah, she bolted. All three were walking up to me, then she bolted because… [“They were trying to force me – I had nothing to do with it!” says Adriana, more general laughter!] So yeah, her sister ended up giving me her number, and I asked her if she could be my umbrella girl because I didn’t know anything else – you couldn’t really go out and do anything at Phillip Island – and then…

'Adriana was my umbrella girl… and then we stayed in contact'

It was during a grand prix, was it not?
Yeah. It was on the Friday or Saturday or something. And then yeah, she was my umbrella girl, we met up with her and her family, had dinner with them that night, and just hung out for the whole evening before we went, and then we stayed in contact.

What else do you have in your life that’s completely not motorcycles?
I love my fishing, and photography. I’m not much good at it, but… I just don’t know my numbers that well, every time I go there I have to renew my memory. I’m all right. It’s wildlife, normally, it’s dawn and dusk, the best times. Lighting’s quite difficult to get rid of the noise.

Have you asked advice of the pro photographers in the paddock?
I’ve tried a few things, but not a lot of them do a lot of wildlife photography. They mainly do portraits of buildings, and different situations and stuff – motorcycles and sports.

What’s on your iPod?
Not always new stuff. You know, I haven’t got a particular taste in music. But I like the things that I like, you know? I like country, you know, your usual R&B – whatever you call it, classic, some rock, and things like that. Yeah, just depends on who’s singing it and whether it’s a good song or not. I’m not really sticking to one band, one style of music. I like a lot of different stuff…

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