Loeb in Greece 2505 Pillar of the sport: Sebastien Loeb arrives in Greece for the Acropolis Rally © McKlein

As Sebastien Loeb takes on the rocky Acropolis Rally in Greece, another Red Bull driver called Sebastian is about to take on an equally formidable (but diametrically opposed) challenge: the Monaco Grand Prix.

Loeb is chasing his ninth consecutive world title this year: Vettel his third. Both are currently leading the standings, with Loeb enjoying a bit more breathing space than his F1 counterpart, who shares the championship lead with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso.

But Loeb knows that a title defence rarely follows a perfect plan, and he had this advice for his Red Bull colleague: “You do what you can when you are in a difficult situation,” he said. “It’s never easy in Formula One but this year all the cars seem to be quite equal and sometimes one car is better on one weekend and the next weekend another car is better.

“I don’t understand from the outside what is happening but Vettel is still leading the championship so it can’t be too bad. For the championship everything is possible for Vettel: if he’s leading he can win the title again, I’m sure of that.”

If anyone would know, it’s Loeb who has beaten the odds on many occasions. “Sometimes it feels a little bit like the odds are against you, but it doesn’t always mean that the championship is over,” added the Frenchman.

“That only happens at the last race. You have to believe in yourself and believe in your team – and Red Bull is one of the best teams out there. Had it not been for them, I would never have got the chance to drive a Formula One car myself.”

Loeb tried out a Red Bull Formula One car in 2008, so he knows just what Vettel will be going through. In the meantime, he’s got his own battle to fight this weekend…   

nullSebastien Loeb prepares for his F1 test drive in 2008 © Getty Images for Red Bull Racing

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