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Chicago heroes: Derrick Carter


Derrick Carter is one of the most in demand names in techno, and is regarded by many of his fans as a living deity.

Every year, he clocks up thousands of miles as he criss-crosses the Atlantic, playing sell-out shows in Europe and his native US. He's a regular fixture in the hedonistic club scene of Ibiza, and thrills urban audiences in vibrant cities including London, Madrid and New York.

His reputation as a top-class producer began twenty-four years ago in 1988 when he released an EP under the guide of Symbols & Instruments. While the EP failed to make impact, it heavily influenced the UK's burgeoning ambient techno scene, which was the first Derrick's first taste of international adoration.

The DJ was actually born in California but moved to Chicago as a child. The city regards him as one of their own, and he was ranked #66 in a poll of the 100 Most Famous Chicagoans in 2006.

For ten years, he headed up Classic Recordings, which he closed after its hundreth release. Ever since he was a kid, he's loved music - and collecting vinyls. In a rare interview with Resident Advisor, he revealed: "I had a deal with my Mom. Friday was pay day, and a lot of parents would pick them up from school and go get a special McDonald's Happy Meal.

"My Mom would take me to the record store. I would sneak off on my bike, using my allowance or grass mowing money, and go to the record store to pick up things. Later, I would say that I was going to the library and sneak downtown. I was a little sneaky. I wasn't really a troublemaker, but...not everyone knew everything. That's kind of the way it still is."


Bestimix 52: Derrick Carter (live at Bestival '09) by Bestimix on Mixcloud



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