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Chile's DJ Drummer is the latest World Finalist

P-20120927-00032_News.jpg Red Bull Thre3styles World Final: Preliminary round 2

Taking on the USA Thre3style champion on home turf was never going to be easy, and unsurprisngly, this year's batch of Thre3style finalists were all keeping their fingers crossed that they weren't set against Four Color Zack. 

But, pick of the draw meant that someone had to go head to head with the host country's rep, and it turned out that The Netherlands, Chile and South Korea were chosen to, quite literally, face the music.

Last night, a packed out crowd in Chicago's Double Door club bayed like hounds as the first DJ made his way to the decks. DJ Drummer, Chile's best party starter, seemed unfazed by the Star Spangled Banners that were being waved by the audience, and immediately set the tempo with a pounding intro.

It was like a touchpaper had been lit, and the crowd were well on their way to losing their minds within the first minute, their dance moves seemingly captured in freeze frame by the impressive lightshow and strobes.


Demonstrating a real flair for mixing, the Chilean blended Paul Johnson's super-catchy early 2000s smash Get Get Down with Usher and Pitbull's DJ's Got Us Falling In Love.  

Next came fleeting appearances from the Bee Gees, Sean Paul and The 5, 6, 7, 8's Woo Hoo, which clearly pleased the audience members who love their Tarantino films.

The Beatles' Hey Jude and Kanye West and Jay-Z's monster hit Ni**as in Paris also received good reactions, but it was the insertion of Slayer's Reign In Blood that really had the crowd going wild.

DJ Drummer, who claims that it was playing a Pantera song that helped him win the Chile National Final, had the whole club channelling their inner metalhead for a dancefloor mosh frenzy.

His performance was intense, imaginative and fun - no wonder the judges handed him the $1,000 cash prize and a guaranteed place in Saturday's World Final later that night. 


USA: Four Color Zack


Next up was Four Color Zack. The American had a lot of support, and there was even a few flags being waved by the pulsating audience. He called upon an Axel F meets Moonbahtom rework to help get the crowd on side - and it worked.

It was a fun journey through rock all the way to the lurid smiles of the 1980s. From Twister Sister's I Wanna Rock, to A-Ha's Take On Me, he made sure it was a very danceable fifteen minutes, with some scratching thrown in for good measure.

Following the host country's champ was DJ Pandol, who was representing South Korea.

He promised laser noises and he delivered, the opening of his set turning the sweaty club in to some sort of underground bunker you'd see in a science fiction film.... well until he released some heavy hip hop beats. 

South Korea: DJ Pandol


It was his remix of the Beastie Boy's Intergalactic that caught the crowd's attention, and at times his mash-ups were reminiscent of those of 2 Many DJs.

DJ Pandol had it tough following Four Color Zack, but he remained confident on stage, and they seemed impressed with his version of Axel F's Beverley Hill's Cop theme, which he had mixed with Eminem and Dr. Dre's Forgot About Dre.

Excitingly, he gave a nod to the Gangam Style, the Korean pop song that is clocking up hype online. The way the audience sang and danced along is perhaps evidence that theirs are some of the millions of YouTube views.

Last but not least was The Netherlands' DJ DNS. The Dutch turntablist is regarded as one of the nation's best DJs, and he showed exactly why last night. 


The Netherlands: DJ DNS


Confident, collected and brave with his musical selection, he stayed true to his hip hop roots, and had the best audience interaction of the Thre3style World Finals so far.

He ploughed through old school hits before taking the tempo down a notch for some more recent rap bangers.

There was an exciting moment when he dropped Dizze Rascal's Bonkers, and teased the audience by playing only the intro of Tarantula by Pendulum and DJ Fresh.

Sadly, there was no drum and bass following the throaty ragga intro, but the crowd were too buzzing to notice after an hour of such high-intensity performances. 

While DJ DNS, Four Color Zack and DJ Pandol failed to secure a spot at Saturday's event in the prelims, there is still a chance for them to compete: The judges will be naming two wildcard entrants who will be given an invitation to battle for international glory this weekend.

Picking up where our four global party starters left off were hip-hop heroes DJ Nu-Mark and Gaslamp Killer.   

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