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The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013 will follow the traditional high diving format and is a mix of the rules from FINA and HDA. Divers hand in their four planned dives the day before the first day of competition – dives shall consist of two required dives of a fixed degree of difficulty of 3.8 and two optional dives assigned a degree of difficulty computed from the HDA (High Diving Alliance) table – and are scored by five high-diving judges.

The winner of each individual tour stop is the diver with the highest points total from all four dives and the ranking in each tour stop will be awarded with points according to the table below. The winner of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2013 will be the athlete with the highest overall points after eight competitions having applied the scratch-result policy (the divers will strike their worst result, meaning that only the top seven results from each diver will count towards their overall ranking).

10 fixed divers will participate in the 2013 World Series. For each tour stop in 2013, up to four wildcard divers can be invited. This will depend on several factors (including the ranking from the qualification competition) and will be decided prior to the season. Even though wildcard divers may only compete in one or two individual events, their results will count the same as for any of the fixed divers. A diver must perform at least one dive in competition to be included in the final result.

Ahead of each competition a draw will determine the diving order for the first round. The first round of dives will feature one required dive of a fixed DD of 3.8, the results of which will determine the ranking for the head-to-head rounds the following day; 1st goes against 14th, 2nd against 13th, etc.

In the head-to-head rounds, all divers do one more required dive (DD 3.8) and one optional dive. In the event of 14 divers starting the competition, seven winners will advance from the head-to-heads, taking into account their score from all three dives (including the first round). There will also be one lucky loser (the diver with the highest score of all the beaten divers). The eight remaining divers will do one final optional dive. The order will be determined by the points accumulated from the first three rounds of dives and will be in reverse order. The winner will be the one with the highest points total from all four dives.

Divers will receive points that will be tallied to produce the World Series ranking. Per event the scores are as follows:

Ranked 1st: 200 points
Ranked 2nd: 160 points
Ranked 3rd: 130 points
Ranked 4th: 110 points
Ranked 5th: 90 points
Ranked 6th: 70 points
Ranked 7th: 60 points
Ranked 8th: 50 points
Ranked 9th: 40 points
Ranked 10th: 30 points
Ranked 11th: 20 points
Ranked 12th: 10 points
Ranked 13th: 9 points
Ranked 14th: 8 points

The top five divers in the overall ranking at the end of the 2013 World Series will qualify automatically for 2014.

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