Darren Berrecloth, Red Bull Rampage 2010 Final John Gibson/Red Bull Photofiles

In our latest trawl across the world-wide web, we happen upon some adventurous freeriding, a stuttering rap, an easily pleased baby and a really big bat…

Ticket To Ride
As the old song goes, we’re kicking off our boots and going back to our roots as we join in on an audacious journey with Freeride Entertainment. The producers of the New World Disorder series are embarking on a brand-new project called Where The Trail Ends that takes freeriding back to its purest form, as a group of hardy adventurers set off riding in remote international locations. With the likes Darren Berrecloth, Kurt Sorge, and James Doerfling on board and a trip to the Gobi desert already under their belt, you can be assured this expedition will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Bat’s Entertainment
Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh is either home to a sports-loving giant or a group of students with too much time on their hands. Well, actually it turns out to be the latter as cricket fans from the local university for some reason decided to build the world's largest wooden cricket bat.

Credited with inspiring the Indian team to victory against England last Sunday, the bizarre project saw 500 craftsmen taking 15 days to make the immense sports equipment. "The bat is around 45 feet long and six feet in width and is easily enough the biggest cricket bat built in the world," said a rather proud student spokesman.

There was just one hitch, however. The day before the bat was unveiled, students in Karachi, Pakistan, revealed they too had decided to inspire their team to success by building a giant wooden bat. And theirs was 50 feet long! Howzat for a kick in the googlies?

How High?
Either this video is a trick of the eye or this fella has springs where his heels should be...

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Cliff Diving
Ever wanted to know what it’s like to fall off a cliff but were too afraid to try it out? Well, now you can experience it (almost) first hand as an unfortunate skier goes for quite a tumble…

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Baby Rips It Up
Here’s a little something to warm the cockles of your heart, as 8-month-old baby Micah laughs hysterically while ripping up his unemployed dad’s latest rejection letter. The YouTube clip which has had more than 4 million views so far proves that a baby’s laughter is better than any job offer – well, almost.

The King’s Speech - Remixed

After romping home with an armful of Oscars, some bright spark decided to pay homage to The King’s Speech with a clever mix featuring some of cinema’s most prolific stutterers. And before you ask, yes, Porky Pig is in there…


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