Taïg Khris

We’ve more wheeled mayhem with inline skater Taïg Khris in Paris and a Chinese man who must have been opening the right fortune cookies, and we get caught up in World Cup fever – and minding our language.

Inline for a record
Ever tried inline skating? It’s tougher than it looks, but at least you’re usually on flat ground – unlike Taïg Khris, who broke skater Danny Way’s ramp record last weekend in the French capital for the ‘M6 Mobile Méga Jump’ event. Khris dropped 12.5m vertically on his skates from a special gantry positioned 40m off the ground on Paris’s Eiffel Tower, onto a ramp and into a pile of foam bricks and the history books, all live on TV. Relive the stunt here, it’s truly awesome.

Spanish speakers say ¡Toma gol! (“Eat my goal!”)
Going to the soccer World Cup in South Africa and want to know what the opposition are chanting? Fortunately, a company called Global Lingo have stepped in to help. More used to providing pro translation services to big companies like BP (we’re guessing it’s ‘Sorry, our bad’ in 187 languages at the moment), the firm are graciously providing fans with a number of translations from the terrace. Classics include the Italian “L’arbitro è una sega!” (“The referee’s a w***er!”), and those that are slightly lost in translation include “Ngizobhalela ubaba kaBoy ngithi: Dear babakaBoy, ungayibona into eyenziwa uBoy egrawundini” in Zulu (“I will write a letter to boy’s father and say: Dear boy’s father, if only you could see what boy is doing at the stadium”). We’d hope father would be there, or at least have his mobile handy. We prefer this humorous German chant, though: “Es ist erst dann foul, wenn der Schiri pfeift” (“It’s only a foul if the referee blows his whistle”). Well, that told us.

Always wear a helmet…
An inadvertent wheeled stunt now… our prize for ‘lucky escape of the week’ goes to a cyclist caught on CCTV in China. A car collides with another at speed on a busy street, spinning them off at opposite angles and bypassing the fortunate bike rider by mere centimetres. Perhaps it’s shock, but amazingly he doesn’t even seem to hang around to contemplate this turn of events – unlike a less lucky bendy-bus unable to shift its 18m length out of the way in time. Watch the incredible spectacle below!

Say cheese

Every country has its own strange traditions dating back hundreds, if not thousands, of years, and the annual May Bank Holiday cheese roll in Gloucestershire, UK, is no exception. Brave locals trundle down a steep hill after a large, whole, circular Double Gloucester, and the winner gets a lovely commemorative cheese prize, plus all the kudos you’d expect (well, if that’s your thing). This year, the participants ignored health and safety authority attempts to cancel the 200-year-old event, which sees the cheese flying downhill at up to 110kph (70mph) and regularly sees people stumbling concussed after it with a broken ankle.

SWG (Scientific Wild Guess)
Despite some teething problems, Apple’s new iPad is proving to be a huge success – so much so that it’s attracting other species as users. A dolphin named Merlin at ‘Dolphin Discovery’ in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, is being taught by scientists to prod an iPad with his bottlenose in the hope that eventually he’ll be able to express emotions and communicate through the waterproofed touchscreen device – so we’ll finally understand those squeaks and rattles (see our artist’s impression, below). If we were Merlin, we’d be more worried about getting caught up in the ’net… 

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