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DJ Food and partner-in-crime DK are Ninja Tune stalwarts of the highest order. They are to electronic music what Ferran Adrià is to molecular cuisine. Here are two hours' worth of Solid Steel with these humorous scientists of sound live from Mephisto Club, Barcelona...

DJ Food is best described as manna for deck-spinners, simple as that. Just flip it around and it begins to mean something entirely different. First started by Matt Black and Jonathan More, aka Coldcut, as a series of jazzbreaks back in the early '90s, it quickly re-formed as a loose collaborative team of creative minds from the Ninja nucleus.

Originally produced by Coldcut, the DJ Food project started in 1990 with the release of 'Jazz Brakes' - with 'Jazz Brakes Volume 3' being the label's most successful early album.

The 2005 album 'A Recipe For Disaster' was a conscious break from the five 'Jazz Brakes' volumes to form more of an identity as an artist, and a remix album of tracks from all 6 LPs 'Refried Food' was released Feb '96.

Since both Coldcut and PC of Cinematic Orchestra have left to concentrate on other ventures, DJ Food is now the alias of veteran DJ Strictly Kev. Kev is not only credited as being the first person to ever book Matt Black on a VJing gig with his Telepathic Fish ambient parties back in the early '90s, he also started designing artwork for Ninja Tune soon after. 



He mixed up the very first Solid Steel mix CDs with the show's producer DK (Darren Knott) in 2001 and also championed the art of 'video turntablism', transferring his mixes with DK into a four-deck audio-visual live show.

Here you can listen to DJ Food live at Barcelona's Mephisto club - exclusively on Red Bull Music Academy Radio. Viva La Panza!

Part I

Part II




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