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DNS is the best Party Starter in The Netherlands

Red Bull Thre3style Arenda de Hoop / Red Bull Content Pool

DJ DNS was proclaimed winner of The Netherland's Red Bull Thre3style Final in Amsterdam. He defeated Gomes, Fullscale and Goodgrip, and means he goes on to the World Final of the DJ battle in Chicago.

The newly-crowned Dutch champ is a genuine turntablist, and the three-times Dutch DMC Champion began his set with oldskool hip-hop, but then switched effortlessly to pop, funk, drum' n ' bass, dancehall and rock.

He met all the Thre3style criteria - blending at least three genres, gets the audience going wild and has the necessary technical skills to wow the jury. He certainly impressed Lange Frans, MC Pryme and The Flexican, who agreed that DNS ticked all the boxes.

Before the contest, the judges revealed what they would be looking for. Rapper Lange Frans said, with a wink, that he was hoping for real creativity and maybe even some Dutch roots: "If Hazes or Johnny Jordaan would pass and you know to mix with a dubstep beat, you score bonus points with me. That's the thing tonight, you have to scramble. I'm really for the originality of the record choice, because the skills have them all. The DJs are not the least, it is no amateur night. "

Luckily for Lange and the audience, his wish came true, as did DNS' who has secured himself a place at the Thre3style World Finals in Chicago in September.

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