Dew-Tour-Streetstyle-Jam-6 © Tyler Davis

Snowboarding fans desperate for more action were treated on Friday night by the Nike Streetstyle Jam in downtown Breckenbridge.

The idea behind the event was to make the set-up look and feel like it could be found scattered about any urban environment. Cue the use of an old car, cement barriers, a wall ride over a dumpster and an old container.

Seeing as it was Friday night, the atmosphere was crazy. As soon as the contest began the crowds rolled in to find a spot to watch. And as the hour jam progressed the crowd got more unruly, which made taking photos a little like dodging bullets. The streets surrounding the event were jammed and the security were almost overwhelmed.

But with some major action – including Mason Aguirre busting an impressive method (above) – no one wanted to miss this event.

null© Tyler Davis

This was late in the practice session when the crowd was starting to file in. I wasn’t kidding when I said the contest was literally in the street.

null© Tyler Davis

Fans pressed in five deep to get a glimpse. This was taken in the calm before the storm.

null© Tyler Davis

As a little snow started to fall, the riders started getting a better feel for the course.

null© Tyler Davis

Nick Julius pleases the crowd with a backflip out of a dumpster. 

null© Tyler Davis

Eric Beauchemin won and took home a pretty big cheque. After collecting his winnings, shouts of “10 per cent rule” could be heard all around.

null© Tyler Davis

Another flip, another loud cheer. This time it was the frontflip getting all the applause.

null© Tyler Davis

Sam Hulbert backlipped the wall ride over the dumpster and landed in third place.

This was one of the most interesting contests I’ve ever seen. Hopefully the idea will only grown and develop.

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