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Did someone say living legend? DJ Nu-Mark's here


You Thre3stylers are truly spoilt tonight... four of the world's best DJs, Brainfeeder's Gaslamp Killer, and then a set from DJ Nu-Mark!

The hip-hop legend will be bringing some of his favourite beats - new and old - to the party tonight, and to be honest, we can't wait to see what the West Coast hero has in store. After all, this is the guy who has been known to fix a rubber band to his turntable’s needle and play it like an upright bass.

He began DJing over twenty years ago when he was just 13, and since then has gained a reputation as one of the scene's most inventive DJs and talented scratchers. These days, he's as passionate about new equipment as he is about old school vibes, meaning he's as innovative as he is revered. A special mix!

Catch him performing after the Red Bull Thre3style Preliminary event on 26th September at Double Door.

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