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With each new movie he creates, Bending Colours director Kai Neville continues to blur the boundaries between action sports and arthouse filmmaking. Concerned with bringing out the beauty in everything he turns his camera to, he’s a truly unique cineaste. But what inspires him to do what he does? We asked him…

Stay tuned to for the world premiere of Bending Colours live from Santa Cruz, California, on Monday, November 5.

What got you into making action-sports movies?
I love surfing and filmmaking so it was a natural progression into action sports. I watched surf movies all day long when I was a grom and all I wanted to do was make a film that would get people psyched to surf like I did.



Are there any filmmakers who have influenced you?
I’m enjoying films by Gus Van Sant, Anton Corbjin and when I get home I’m psyched to dive through Woody Allen's catalogue.

Do you draw inspiration from planning out a project in advance or is your approach more organic?
I like to plan locations, equipment and art direction pre-filming. Going out to film on a surf trip, however, is always a bit of an unknown and you have to work with the conditions. In those cases, I like to take a very candid fly on the wall approach.



What inspires you to keep pushing the envelope?
I just want to better the last film I made in every aspect - the cinematography, artwork, surfing and new locations. It gets me really excited to work on these aspects and technology and surfing are both always changing. There are some really creative and talented surfers in the world and they need a creative outlet other than competition surfing. I want to push surfing in that direction, show off the progressive moves, introduce interesting characters and just make it rad and fun.


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