Exodus Blake Jorgenson/Red Bull Photofiles

Mountain bikers gear up as Red Bull 5000 Down hits Whistler Mountain Bike Park in British Columbia, Canada, on September 11 and 12.

Red Bull 5000 Down is a mass-start downhill mountain bike race where the international and local elite need to sustain constant mental and physical effort to maintain control during the intense bar-to-bar racing descent. Over the course of two days, over 250 men and women will battle side-by-side, dealing with fatigue and navigating through muddy and wet dirt trails riddled with jumps, stunts, drops and root-strewn terrain.

The event formerly known as Red Bull Exodus, now in its second year, will feature the greatest North American and European riders, including Stevie Smith, who recently took silver at the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships, MX1 National Pro Dusty Klatt, and world champion siblings Rachel and Gee Atherton, the latter sealing his latest UCI world crown in New York two weeks ago.

With new features on the lower half of the course, the competitors will navigate through the elements of a challenging course in hopes of crossing the finish line first. Starting at the Peak of Whistler Mountain, the riders will traverse a similar course to 2009 but will experience a new path as they will go down the Expressway, the upper section of Angry Pirate, World Cup single track, Ho Chi Min, Heart of Darkness, Canadian Open traverse to the finish into the skier’s plaza.

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