Download Our All-New Red Bull F1 Spy App


Today we re-launch our all-new Red Bull F1 Spy App to bring you team insider information from the pit and paddock direct to your phone.

With the new app, you’ll be able ask the notorious Red Bull F1 Spy (@redbullf1spy) questions, set him challenges and use him as your eyes and ears inside the Formula One paddock and Red Bull Energy Station.

On the outside, Formula One seems simple enough: build the fastest car, get the fastest driver and win all the races… But behind the straightforward premise of racing to win, a whole other world exists – a dog-eat-dog environment where intrigue rules, celebrities gather, drivers prepare and where the Red Bull Spy sits reading the paper, stealing your breakfast and making notes on everything that happens.

Now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology we’ve taken away the Spy’s paper and given him a shiny laptop. And thanks to the Spy app, he’s now available to each and every one of you on whatever mobile device you have to hand.

The re-launched app is essential for any F1 fan who wants a little more information than the average spectator - or who secretly loves a bit of grand prix gossip. The Red Bull F1™ Spy app will bring you closer to the real action in Formula One. You'll get insider access and witty anecdotes, live track commentary and race stats as well as a load more F1 facts and figures. And a bit of fun…

Interested? You betcha. But hold on, there's more. Here’s just some of the stuff we’re making our undercover spy do for you this season:

  • Insider access to the team – The Red Bull F1Spy will get right where the action’s happening
  • Behind the Scenes observations and pictures from the paddock – The Spy will report on any juicy comments doing the rounds in the F1 paddock
  • You can challenge the Spy – Ask the Spy a tough F1 question and he’ll answer it. Set him a task and he’ll have a go at it, even if it means being relentlessly mocked by his peers
  • Full and live on-track commentary across the weekend – All the detail and analysis from every practice session, qualifying and the race
  • Comprehensive race data, statistics and results

Not enough? – Ok we’ll throw in this cool thing that shows how the historical Formula One circuits have evolved over the past few years. (We’ve done that for you, the Spy can’t draw a straight line).

Still want more? Then in time-honoured infomercial tradition, you’ll also get: a race calendar, with a sync option so you don't miss a race!

So don’t delay, download the Red Bull F1 Spy app today and help make the Spy a semi-productive member of the Formula One community. Otherwise, he’ll just go back to sleeping in a tyre warmer and eating out of the bins at the back of the Energy Station. 

To set the Spy challenges at the Formula One races and see more pictures, download his app on android and IOS.


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