dinnerpartyryanfinal.jpg Rutger Pauw/Red Bull Photofiles/Miguel/NASA/Wikimedia

If you could invite anybody at all to your dinner party, who would you pick? We asked world-class freerunner Ryan Doyle…

Fighting talk
First, I’d invite Jackie Chan, so I can tell him how much he’s done for the parkour community and thank him.

More fighting talk
As Jackie is coming, I’d also bring along Bruce Lee for motivation and encouragement. His 1970s film Enter the Dragon is a classic, and Jackie was in that too, early in his career, with a small part as a fighter – Bruce makes short work of him actually…

Dark Angel
I’d invite Jessica Alba to my dinner party because… well, because she’s Jessica Alba!

A Brief History of… Freerunning
I’d have to have Stephen Hawking, so we can discuss the laws of physics, seeing as I spend most of my time defying them when I’m freerunning.

Good old-fashioned values
Peter Griffin from hit adult cartoon Family Guy can come along to take the piss out of everyone. Family Guy is really irreverent and Peter is at the centre of that, so he wouldn’t be afraid to make a few comments to some of my other hallowed and heroic guests!

The Lord at my table
And last, but definitely not least, I’d ask Jesus Christ to come to my dinner, so he can do some party tricks if we run short of bread, fish or wine – and I can ask him what really happened to him.

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