Duncan Zuur in Brasilia © Red Bull Photofiles

Any fans of classic slasher movies will remember the reference to Brasilia in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. This weekend it is was the turn of top stunt wakeboarder Duncan Zuur to do the carving in Brazil’s capital.

Flying Dutchman Duncan Zuur rolled into Brasilia at first light on Friday morning and launched another of his infamous urban attacks. Under the shadow of Brazil’s government buildings Zuur and his wakeboard made a splash as they said “Wakey, wakey, rise and shine” to the World Heritage Site

With a winch attached to the get away vehicle, Zuur was able to skim across a 100-metre Water Mirror faster than you could say Usain Bolt. Confused politicians were still trying to make sense of their early morning wake-up call by the time Zuur had slipped back inside the van and fled the scene. 

null © Red Bull Photofiles

One baffled onlooker said the city had never seen anything like Zuur’s stunt in its 50-year history. Unlike the vibrant seaside cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo the nation’s capital is more accustom to grey suits than wetsuits.

The fact that Brasilia lies 500 miles from Brazil’s Atlantic coast was all the inspiration Zuur needed to stage his latest stunt.

“This is the stuff I really like to do. Heading out to crazy places, the kind of place where you technically shouldn’t be able to wakeboard. My mission is to go to these places and show people what wakeboarding is.”

While planning the dawn raid Zuur took in the unique surroundings and was blown away by Itamaraty Palace, home to the Federal Senate of Brazil. “What I especially like about the city of Brasilia is the architecture. There’s so many different styles side-by-side, all designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer.”

'My mission is to go to these places and show people what wakeboarding is' – Duncan Zuur

As Brazil’s politicians finally made sense of Zuur’s audacious escapade they could comfort themselves, Brasilia is not the first city to fall prey to the Dutchman’s antics and nor will it be the last.

Zuur’s glittering CV of madness includes being towed behind a helicopter along the canals of Amsterdam, a ride on top of a skyscraper in Vienna, gliding through St. Mark’s Square in Venice and crossing the Marmara Sea on the back of a ferry.

Duncan Zuur is a man on a mission, who can say where he and his wakeboard will turn up next? All we know is that when he sped out of Brasilia he was heading south...

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