Felix Baumgartner_Inside The MInd Of

Chances are you think that Felix Baumgartner is either a pampered star with expensive equipment or an impulsive bundle of energy. This video will make you think again…

In case you were doubting Felix Baumgartner's credentials for jumping from the edge of space, bear in mind that the 43-year-old Austrian daredevil didn’t just invent this seemingly insane act for the Red Bull Stratos project. Felix has been making headlines with his hair-raising BASE jumps since 1996. 




In this video, we look back at his career highlights and catch a glimpse into the wild mind of this exceptional athlete. You'll hear Felix explaining how he learned to love what we're all taught to fear as kids – climbing high objects and standing too close to the edge.



Photos: Sven Hoffmann and Ulrich Grill // Red Bull Content Pool

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