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What looks better; frontside or backside spins? While each can be done with style, the answer has eluded snowboarders for years and caused more than a few arguments to erupt after a day on the hill.

For every convincing reason given in support for tricks done backside, there is an equally powerful argument to be had after watching riders stomp the frontside version.

This season Burton introduced a series of videos named Tric Tracs, where you can watch a group of riders all throw down the same trick. In order to investigate this topic, here are two edits that showcase the frontside and backside version of one of the best tricks in snowboarding, the 360.

Video Link Frontside:

Video link Backside:

When done right, nothing beats a big, stylish 360. While it may look simple, anyone who has ever done one knows that it takes a certain amount of control and precision to make the trick look good. There are few better feelings than landing a smooth 360. It’s one of the few tricks that’s equally impressive when done with a grab or without. The 360 is personal, with each rider’s style represented through the grab they choose and they way they choose to tweak it.

While there may be harder tricks in snowboarding, the 360 will always remain a classic. So next time you are standing on top of park jump with your friends, take a second to think about this question. which direction will you choose?

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