2012 gaming resolutions

In this week’s Power Up! gaming blog, Glen Ferris suggests some New Year’s Resolutions that should put you in good playing stead for 2012…

Should auld gamertags be forgot and unfortunate pwnage never brought to mind… It’s a new year and that means a fresh start for gamers stuck in their ways. Try the following tips. 

Try something new…
Gamers are an oddly monagamist sort. When they find their preferred genre of choice – be it racers, shooters, RPGs or life-replicating sims – they tend to stick to that particular genus, forsaking all others. Which is a shame, because they’re missing out on so much good stuff.

Let’s face it, if you’ve played one shooter you’ve played them all. Sure, there are plenty of good reasons to keep blowing your bucks on your weapon of choice (story, graphics, gameplay, online features, that sort of thing), but wouldn’t life be more interesting if you branched out a little bit?

Ever wondered just what it is about those incredibly dense MMOs that get geeks into a lather? Always wanted to try out a proper racing sim but never had the time to dedicate? Interested in the idea of raising a virtual animal up from a pup but were afraid to try? Well then, make 2012 the year in which you give a new genre a shot. You never know, you might even like it.

Don’t be a sheep…
Games aren’t cheap, that much is undeniably true. So it’s not surprising that many people go with the crowds when considering their next purchase, hence the huge sales figures of a relatively small number of titles in 2011. Unfortunately, this lemming-style mentality often means that genuinely great games fall by the wayside simply by dint of the fact that nobody’s heard of them.

In 2012, we suggest you spend some of your hard-earned cash on a game you’ve never heard of. Of course, it may turn out to be a huge pile of crap but the gamble will be worth it if you uncover a genuine gem. The gloating rights acquired by pioneering something brilliant before your buddies will be more than worth the punt.

Hey, it’s only a game so keep it fun…
This one goes out to everybody who’s ever slogged through the last few hours of a game in search of that elusive 100 per cent status or kept on trucking when they’re no longer enjoying the experience just to grab a few more trophies.

In 2012, let your mantra be: "If it ain’t fun, I’m not playing it". If you feel your blood pressure rising through the roof because you can’t get past a certain point, you find yourself getting annoyed with glitches or even if a character starts to really do your head in, let it go dude – lest you turn into this bloke…

Get your family involved…
As the old adage goes, "The family that plays together, stays together". So in 2012 get your other half involved or, failing that, find a new partner and introduce them to the bonding power of videogames.

Imagine how much richer your life would be if you could combine spending quality time with your loved ones with solving puzzles and shooting the hell out of waves of enemies – you’d be living the goddamn dream, man.

Of course, if your partner turns out to be some kind of gaming savant who kicks your arse every time you settle down for some one-on-one action, it’s probably time to knock this idea on the head.

Take gaming to the real world…
This year will see some huge releases vying for your cash. As such you could very easily become deprived of Vitamin D as the months roll on. Don’t forget to take a break from time to time and get some fresh air. While you’re there, you could use your gaming experience to make reality a bit more interesting – just like these people...

Byte-Sized Bits

• Codemasters, those fine folks who gave us F1 2011, will be kicking up some more dust this year with DiRT Showdown, the follow-up (but not sequel) to the hugely popular DiRT 3. Showdown leaves the challenging rally courses behind and launches us headfirst into the world of demolition derby and all the metal-mashing mayhem you would expect. Take a look at the teaser trailer here for a taster of what to expect.

• If you’re already excited about the prospect of BioShock Infinite, prepare to have your tiny little mind blown even further with the latest trailer displaying some gorgeous in-game footage. The threequel from 2K and Irrational Games makes the most of the setting change from Rapture’s dank, dark, shadowy corridors to the floating city of Columbia’s bright daylight with stunning design and wonderful use of colour. We can’t wait for this one to hit the shelves.

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