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In this week’s Power Up gaming blog, Glen Ferris takes a look at the latest app games to hit the interweb, gets all aerobatic with Red Bull Flight Lab 2, checks out a sneaky new Deus Ex video and gets in touch with mind, body and soul for Deepak Chopra’s Leela…

Don’t worry, Be Appy…
Unlike movie studios, which assume that people would rather be sat in a dark room during the summer, game developers tend to wind up their releases for the hot months - the assumption being that we’d rather be outside catching some rays than getting our game-on at home. But while consoles are a new-release wasteland over the coming few weeks, mobile device gamers still have plenty of new games to keep their fingers busy with.
If it’s mini mayhem that you’re after, Mad Wheels will be right up your alley. A fully loaded racer that takes an isometric view of the action, it’s part Mario Kart, part Star Wars pod race as you blow up your opponents with an arsenal of insane weaponry in the tussle for first place. It’s available from iTunes for 69p.
If you’re of a historical bent, the rather excellent Swords & Soldiers sees you sending endless waves of cartoon soldiers to their inevitable doom. Evolving from axe-wielding Vikings to the rocket-packing Chinese, the game allows you to unleash some interesting and entertaining tactics. Available for £1.99 from iTunes
The Incredible Machine sees Disney Interactive Studios keeping up the good work in a clever title that asks players to create Heath Robinson-esque contraptions as you attempt to get a rubber ball from A to B. A cracking time-waster and heaps of fun, it’s available from the iTunes Store for £1.49.
Oh, and let’s not forget the daddy of them all, Angry Birds, which keeps us coming back for more with yet another compulsively compelling chapter in the pig-punishing saga. This time, we’re heading underground for some subterranean porcine retribution. Check it out (if you haven’t already got it, that is) at the iTunes Store for the cheap-as-chips price of 69p.

The Future Of Flight

If you dream of creating your very own magnificent flying machine and steering it through a series of hoops in venues around the world, then the brand-new Red Bull Flight Lab 2 will be right up your street.
German game developers Less Rain have revisited, revised and polished their award-winning Flash game and come up with a fantastic time-waster that gives you the chance to build, paint and fly whatever crazy contraption you can imagine. Quite simply, it’s a fantastic way to spend time avoiding work commitments.
Check out our interview with Less Rain’s Carsten Schneider here.

God Complex…

The next instalment in the hugely popular Deus Ex series, Human Revolution, is finally getting a release at the end of August and, judging by the brand-new video showing off its new stealth capabilities, it’s shaping up to be even stalkier and stabbier than ever before.
Watch on and marvel as the decidedly Gallic development team bods discuss one of the game’s major pillars – namely sneaking about and killing people…

Head For Success…
Love online gaming and talking to your friends? Well, now you no longer have to worry about taking two different devices into the shower, erm, gaming room thanks to the handy Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with Bluetooth.
This soon-to-be-released, all-in-one device allows gamers to go from chatting with their friends on Xbox LIVE to talking on a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone without changing headsets.
It’s a sleek-looking gadget that should find gamers no longer having struggle through a double conversation with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare opponents and their mum.
Perhaps more impressive is that the device allows up to eight hours of talk time and up to 300 hours of standby on a single charge – to put it into context, that’s bloody loads more than your iPhone. Keep an eye out for the £39.99RRP product when it hits shops in November.

Chill-out With Your Console…
It’s not all duck, cover, shoot, shoot, kill with video games, you know. Thanks to world-renowned chakra chucker Deepak Chopra, you can stop fragging aliens for five minutes and concentrate on re-aligning your mind and body.
This November, Chopra releases Leela, ‘an interactive journey of mind and body that brings harmony and balance to everyday life’ – roughly translated, it’s a chill-out album that you control.
Created by the author and mind-body wellness expert, the game (if ‘game’ is even an applicable term) blends ancient philosophies with the newest home-entertainment technology and is controlled by Move, Kinect or Wii motion-control. Expect much in the way of slow-mo swaying, psychedelic colours and karma restructuring.

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