Skate freaks and gaming enthusiasts will be excited to hear that their two favourite things have come together in the rather ace Red Bull House of Skate, an all-new feature available on PlayStation Home...

The all-new Red Bull House of Skate gives gamers the chance to enter a virtual area where you can design your very own skate park and play an arcade-style skateboarding game with your own avatar.

The Red Bull House of Skate, which is now available on PlayStation Home, puts you into your very own huge mansion and allows you to take in the breathtaking views, chill out with flatscreen TVs and a hot tub and grab some refreshment with your very own Red Bull vending machine before you start to rack up your high scores with flips and grinds in the skate park

What's more, your state-of-the-art skater's paradise also serves as a portal for other Red Bull worlds, such as Red Bull Air Race (where new tracks, more pilots and planes and greater rewards are yours for the taking), Red Bull Illume (where you can check out the most dynamic action-adventure snaps from the Red Bull photo files) and Red Bull Flugtag (where you can create and take to the air with your own magnificent flying machines). 

Check out the video below for more information...

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