German Grand Prix, Friday: Drivers' Reaction


After a rain-swept day in Hockenheim, here's what Sebastian and Mark made of the day's events and timesheets...

Car 1, Sebastian Vettel: “We couldn’t learn too much today, so we just got used to the conditions, as there may be rain tomorrow and also on Sunday. The forecast isn’t looking great. It would have been good to have got some dry running in, especially this afternoon to test a couple of things and see how the car feels – it’s hard to get a proper baseline when the conditions keep changing. We have to carry the extremes into tomorrow and Sunday, so we obviously tried to limit the running on those tyres.”
First Practice Session
Position: 12, Best Time: 1:18.339, Laps: 21
Second Practice Session    
Position: 3, Best Time: 1:27.902, Laps: 24

Car 2, Mark Webber: “That was a bit unreal. We didn’t expect the rain to be this bad today, but it was quite heavy at times – we even used the extreme full wet tyre. That’s two races in a row now with tricky conditions. We haven’t done much dry running yet, but Sunday looks like it will be better weather-wise. We needed to check what the track conditions were like in terms of grip level, as it’s a different layout here to Silverstone and different asphalt. We tried a few small new parts today. The lap times were all over the place and there were a few incidents, but we got everything we could out of that session.”
First Practice Session
Position: 20, Best Time: 1:20.122, Laps: 27
Second Practice Session    
Position: 9, Best Time: 1:28.877, Laps: 21

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