Graeme Swann and Amy Williams © Xbox

England cricketer Graeme Swann is just as competitive on the Xbox as he is on the pitch. We chatted to him at the launch of the new Kinect Sports Superstars interactive game where he was up against Olympic hopefuls Amy Williams (above), Louis Smith and Darius Knight

First of all, congratulations on recently becoming a dad…
Thanks, I’m loving every minute of it and it’s a voyage of discovery with new sights, new sounds, new smells. Every day is better than the last. Apart from two days ago when he just wouldn’t stop crying – that wasn’t better than the last.

What does it mean to have been part of the Ashes-winning team?
Having two titles – one home and one away –is just great. No one can ever take those away from me and, well, I’d like to see anyone try actually. This year we’ve got two massive series in Sri Lanka and India so we just need to play like we did last summer, we were awesome then. If we can do the same again then it’ll be great fun and really rewarding stuff.

Now for the quickfire round…

In terms of sporting style are you more about sprinting or stamina?
Stamina all the way… I’m a stayer.

Is there any sport you really can’t turn your hand to?
Athletics. I just hate it! It’s too much like hard work.

It’s a lads’ night in playing Xbox, what takeaway food do you choose?
Definitely fish and chips with a battered sausage and mushy peas. Even talking about it is making me want to eat it now.

What type of game do you prefer?
I’d definitely play a war game – Call of Duty is the best game ever made.

What’s the most embarrassing music on your iPod?
I have nothing but brilliance in my music collection! Probably the worst music I listen to is a bit of Abba, but I quite like that.

What posters did you have all over your walls as a teenager?
Kevin Keegan, Kylie and then Carmen Electra. Let’s face it, I was the right age for Baywatch and I was just getting hormones with things being sparked that hadn’t before and there she was. Wow! And Kylie… I’ve always been in love with her.

If you could be a superhero for a day what would your power be?
Flying. I always fancied being a helicopter pilot but someone I met from an insurance company told me it was the most dangerous thing in the world so I’ve been kind of put off that idea.


This Saturday, Microsoft will attempt to break a Guinness World Record for the most competitors in a 100m sprint, using Kinect Sports and Xbox Live as part of Xbox Live Nations' free weekend of Xbox Live Gold.

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