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For the second day in succession hazardous weather conditions hampered the Desafio Litoral rally raid in northern Argentina. Stage two of the race was cut short but day three of the contest had to be abandoned completely as heavy fog settled in the area.

The dense fog in the Argentine province of Corrientes meant that the safety helicopters were unable to take off. Without the aircraft able to monitor the race the decision was taken to call off stage three of the Desafio Litoral.

With no competitive action on day three of the Dakar Series race the standings in the bike class remain unchanged. Four-time Dakar Rally champion Cyril Despres is in top spot closely followed by Kuba Przygonski and Chaleco Lopez.

The cancellation of the third stage of the Desafio Litoral prevented Kuba Przygonski from continuing his rise up the overall rankings. The Polish biker fully understood however that the safety of the competitors must come first.

“On the second stage we saw how dangerous it can be to race during the winter in Argentina. It’s not cold here like a European winter but the weather can just change so quickly and that’s what’s difficult about it.”

Kuba instead used the third day of the Dasfio Litoral to conserve his energy and is hoping to get back to racing on stage four.

“It’s a shame we had to miss a day’s racing but I’m hopeful the race will resume tomorrow and I can continue with my ride.”

The bikers will be grateful for the day’s rest when it comes to tackling tomorrow’s stage. On the menu for Thursday is the longest and most challenging stage of the entire Desafio Litoral.

The fourth stage of the race will see the riders timed over 427km of tricky terrain. The track includes a river crossing as the bikers travel cross-country on a stage full of potential pitfalls.

Standings after Day Three
1. Cyril Despres 7:03:59
2. Kuba Przygoński +4:13
3. Francisco Lopez +4:37
4. Mauricio Gomez +43:51
5. Israel Jeremias +58:11

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