Red Bull Cliff Diving Submission Success

Hunt's dive for perfection

Gary Hunt serious face Romina Amato/Red Bull

I couldn't be happier with how the competitions have gone so far. I was totally blown away by the location of the Mexico competition and to come home with the win was incredible.

I feel now that I have a bit of a lead in the series and this is going to give me a little room to play around with new dives.

The comp in Norway is going to be another cold one, I think, so I'm sticking with the same dives I used in Mexico. However the fourth stop in Italy should be nicer weather and it's a location where I have already dived.

I am planning on adding a running take-off to my final dive, the forward quad with one and a half twists. Hopefully this will give me enough speed and momentum to add another twist.

But this is for Italy and now the focus is on Norway, so I'll see you there. You'll find me in the hot tub!


For more information about the next stop in Kragerø, visit's event page

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