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Ever wanted to experience life as a superstar footballer both on the pitch and off? Well, I Am Playr is giving you the chance to live out just that dream…

The next step in the evolution of soccer gaming has arrived, as, for the first time ever, you not only get to play in the sponsored boots of a footballing superstar on the pitch but you also get to experience the glitzy life away from the stadium as well.

I Am Playr is the first game to let you totally immerse yourself into the life of a professional footballer. The innovative idea from social games publisher We R Interactive incorporates a video story that users control. Shot from the player’s own viewpoint, you are put right in the action. So it’s you right there in training, working up your match fitness and practicing your penalties. Get the training right in the week and it’ll be you out on the pitch. Miss an open goal and it’s you getting the hairdryer treatment from the gaffer.

But it’s not all about scoring on the pitch. As we all know, the modern game is also about earning stacks of cash, meeting girls, driving fast cars, having big nights out, dodging the paparazzi and building your profile. It’s this balance of both sides of your virtual life that is key to maximising your value as a Playr within the game. 

'Scoring a hat trick in a match is going to push up your fame.'

“What’s really interesting is the space between those two areas,” explains Steve Didd, I Am Playr’s executive producer. “How the choices you make on the pitch affect your life off the pitch and vice versa. Scoring a hat trick in a match is going to push up your fame and value and that’s going to lead to new choices. Maybe you meet a new girl in a club who’s not previously been interested in you, but is suddenly a whole lot more approachable. The flip side of that is missing three sitters in one game. That’ll push your fame and value down and damage your confidence going into the next game, making it harder to score.”

The game sees you starting the season as a rookie striker for fictional team, River Park FC. From the outset, you’re tasked with training each week, building up your match fitness and honing your shooting and passing skills in the run up to the next big match.

Former Arsenal and England right back Lee Dixon was involved in the development of the game and he can see how it would appeal to gamers looking for a more rounded experience. “Once I got involved and learned how the game works, I thought it was really intriguing and something I’d not seen before,” he says. “I’m interested in having input into what goes on in the scripts, talking to the guys about how the storylines might go, because it relates a lot to my past as a player.” 

Having played the game for real and with I Am Playr striving for total realism, would Dixon make the same decisions in the game he would have made as a player? “I think, I went down that path when I was playing, that’s already happened to me,” he says. “So when I’m playing the game, I tend to go down the more risky routes. The consequences are less damaging...” Big night out with the lads it is then! 

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