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The most memorable moments of a fantastic Formula One season: as told by members of the Red Bull Racing team.

Adrian Newey, Chief Technical Officer “How we took on the big boys”

If I had to choose one moment of the last season, perhaps I would pick the moment when I knew the RB6 was a fast car.

Wind-tunnel testing is one thing, but you can never be sure. Not even pole position at the first race will guarantee you’ll still be competitive at the last race. The ‘development race’ between the teams during the season has become so tough, this might be something people outside Formula One don’t fully realise. So my ‘Magic Moment’ has to be the Brazilian GP, when we fought back after that disastrous Grand Prix in Korea two weeks earlier, where we lost both cars. Brazil showed how strong this team really is – it proved our character and it was very, very special.

What makes things even sweeter is the fact that we are a privately owned team that fought the big guys at an even level, beat them and that I was part of the operation almost from the beginning. When Red Bull bought Jaguar Racing to become Red Bull Racing, Jaguar was the eternal midfielder. Now we are double world champions.

There is also some personal pride involved: I had the opportunity to build a little team and set it up for a fight against the likes of Ferrari and McLaren and so on. Once before in my life, with the Leyton House team I had the opportunity to do something similar. That was a very promising operation, but it fell apart because of money problems.

To get a second chance, with a young, small team and become world champions tastes so sweet. I’ve come full circle.

Mark Webber, driver “Monaco: the driver’s dream”

Winning the Monaco Grand Prix was very special for sure. It was my best, most important and sweetest victory of all. So many great drivers have won there, and I joined that list: That’s something I’m very proud of. Everything is special in Monaco, even things like the schedule – with first practice on Thursday, a day off on Friday, then back to normal on Saturday.

Obviously the track is like nothing else – the scenery, the fans. It’s a legendary event and every boy in a kart dreams of winning there one day. For me, that dream came true.Walking up to Prince Rainier, being handed the trophy by him, not on a regular podium but on that red carpet so many great drivers have stood on, feeling the atmosphere of the place and having the guys back at the Energy Station waiting to have a party to celebrate the occasion together… So yes that’s my highlight of the year. This win was just one part of winning the constructors’ championship, not the driver’s title for me, but that does no harm to the memory of a special Sunday in May.

Monaco 2010 will stay forever. And the Drivers’ Trophy? I’ll get it next year!

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