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In search of the perfect line at the inagural Indian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel has faced a few unexpected adversaries - namely dust and dogs!

Today we realized how different India is from all the other countries we usually race. As usual, we had our first training today, but we had to wait with it until all dogs – yes, dogs – had left the track. It's a bit different over here but it's a great country with a lot to offer.

The track itself for sure is a challenge, a bit wider than normal, which means it's tough to really hit the perfect line. Additional we also have a lot of dust on the streets but I guess that should be something we get used to in the next few days. All the challenging turns and long straights make it a pleasure to race here though.

The general feeling is really good for now but that's pretty normal for Fridays. We'll see how high morale is after tomorrow's qualifying. Until then, we'll do our best to be prepared in the best way. Thinking about the race itself, we need to focus on the start and especially on the first two turns. Once you hit them right and find your rhythm, everything is possible.

Talk to you tomorrow!


PS: Did you guys know that some Bollywood movies were made in my hometown of Heppenheim? I only found out about it yesterday – no wonder I feel so comfortable around here. All in all, India is an amazingly happy country. No matter how much less the people have and how bad the situation they're in is, they are always very polite and happy. I think that we can all learn a lot from that.


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