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Interview with Mr Manual Master Marty Murawski


Marty Murawski could have won the 2009 Manny Mania in New York City had he entered. The problem was he couldn’t. He was still an amateur. But recently the Arizona native turned pro for the UK based Blueprint Skateboards and will be allowed to compete in this year’s pro event. Right now, my money is on the David Duchovny look-alike to take it all.

How did you feel in previous years being an amateur skater and being turned away at the door at the pro Manny Mania contest?
I guess I was pretty bummed because I had sponsors fly me out there and pay for it. There were other Ams that were in it, just as they were going pro, so I was like, “Maybe I have a chance to get in it I guess.” But I guess those Ams were in there from a few years back and they kept inviting them. Eli Reed won as an Am, right before he went pro. And I was like, “Well, maybe next year.”

Now you are pro. Are you an eager beaver to compete this year?
Yeah, I’m excited. I was actually thinking about it the other day. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be invited then you called and I was like, Alright! Cool! I’m in!” I’m excited.

 I’m a big fan of yours. Joey Brezinski, the brains behind the contest, is a big fan of yours. How do you think you’ll fair against Joey?
I don’t know; Joey is really good. It all depends how you’re feeling that day; if it’s working out or not. Some days your go-to manual tricks will work but other manual tricks won’t. Some days everything just feel right but other than that, I think I got a chance.

Who else are you concerned about skating against?
Eli did good last year. Maybe him again. I don’t know if it will be competition but I know he’s good at mannies. Ronnie Creager won it one year. I guess if he’s in it again he’ll kill it. But I don’t think I’ll take it too seriously.

In the back of your head do you already think that you’ve won?
Haha! No, not at all. I skated one in Long Beach, just an Am one. I don’t know what place I got.

I’m sure it was 1st.
No, it wasn’t first.



Wait! It wasn’t first? You’re not winning Am Manny Manias and I have money on you to win the pro contest?
Yeah, I know. That’s why when you said that I got scared. I’ll do my best.

I need better than your best.
I’ll try my hardest. I have to win you some money.

This year Red Bull is doing a series of Amateur qualifying Manny contests around the globe and the winners will battle it out in NYC and the winner of that gets to skate the pro event.
Wow! From all over the world I’m sure that kid is going to be pretty damn good. That’s rad for the kid who wins that and its scary competition for us, the pros. I’m just kidding.

What are some of the countries you’ve been to and seen random kids just killing it?
Barcelona, Spain. I go to Parallel a lot when I’m there and I see a lot of random dudes that can do a lot of shit. There’s that Raul Navarro guy that lives out there that seems like he’s really good at manuals. I know he does a lot of crazy ledge tricks but I think he does a lot of crazy manny tricks too. Every time I’ve seen footage of him it’s always the craziest tricks. Just out in Barcelona there’s a lot of kids that are really good. But I’m sure that from around the world there’s going to be one kid that is just going to be ridiculous.

You’re from Mesa, Arizona but ride for a UK based company, Blueprint. How did that come about?
I always liked Blueprint and always watched their videos. I was really into their art direction and everything about the brand. It just seemed like a really cool company. My friend (photographer) Matt Price sent someone a text saying, “You should put Marty on.” I know they were trying to get more Americans on the team and basically Paul Shier and Danny Brady came out to Phoenix to meet me and I skated with those dudes and it went well. Once it was an option I was down to do it. I was definitely all about it.

Well, your nemesis in this contest, Joey Brezinski, rides for Cliché.
Yeah, he also skates for a European company, Cliché Skateboards.

Right. Two Americans riding for foreign-based brands, does that heighten the rivalry?
Oh man, nah. I didn’t really think about it too much. People say it to me all the time like, “Joey did it. You’re kind of doing the same thing as Joey. You’re like the Joey Brezinski of Blueprint.” But he’s really good and obviously skated the contest many years so he knows what he’s doing and has more experience. I’m just going to go out there and try my best. Or better than best so I can win you some money.

You’ve seen the course evolve over the years. What’s an ideal manny set up for you?
I really liked what they had last year. Honestly, basic stuff is always good. I always like a bump to manny. There was a  bump to manny down last year that looked really good. I skated one that had a ‘Drunken Box’ which was a box that was warped, and they had all kinds of step ups and drop offs; it seems like once it gets too crazy it’s too much going on and it’s really not my thing.



What is your secret maneuver that you’ll unleash this August at Manny Mania?
Well, it’s a secret so I can’t tell. I’m just kidding. I got a flaming hoop that I’m going to bring out and have someone hold for me. I’m going to benihana through it to nose manny.

Are you practicing behind close doors?
No, I haven’t done anything. Maybe I’ll skate the manual pad at the park like the week before the contest. Other than that I don’t think I’m going to train or anything. I think if I did train I’d just choke. I’d be putting too much into it and then the moment would come and I’d be all nervous. It’s better to not think about it and just go there and skate. I’d probably do better that way.

What would you do if you won the $10,000?
Do you drink, Chris? First we’d go party and whatever I didn’t spend I’d just save.

What is it like having sex with all those women in your Showtime TV show, Californication?

Oh. David Duchovny. I got you. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet but I liked doing the X-Files a little better. I was more into that. It really challenged my acting abilities. This show is more me just trying to get some money and have some fun.

By Chris Nieratko


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