Junkies On A Budget Copyright: Daniel Ronnback - www.danielronnback.com

Get an exclusive look at an innovative and completely new approach to presenting freeskiing on film with the brand-new trailer for JOB In Space...

Want to take a look at an all-new approach to freeski filmmaking? Of course, you do.

Junkies On A Budget utilizes the latest technology and sources the best movie-making and freeski talent throughout Europe, to create an unforgettable piece of action sports cinematography.

Unlike many other films of its type, JOB comes complete with an engaging plot line created by Austrian director Clemens Purner which aims to bridge the gap between breathtaking freeski action and the art of storytelling through motion pictures.

Today, we're presenting an early look at the first title in the series, JOB In Space. The full trailer will give you a glimpse of the journey that JOB In Space will take you on...


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