One of the most creative riders out there, skateboard artiste Kilian Martin explores an abandoned luna park and uses this old playground in a whole new way. Combining astonishing board control and spontaneous creativity against a backdrop of melancholic Desert Americana, this video is a jewel.

Born in Madrid, Spain, Kilian Martin now lives in Oceanside, California. His skating style is infused with a background of gymnastics, resulting in a fluid, almost dance-like technique that has earned him praise from skate veterans like Stacy Peralta, George Powell and Mike Vallely.

Known for his innate creativity, Kilian isn’t your typical skateboarder just  as “Altered Routes” isn’t your typical skateboarding video: Set in an abandoned family fun park in the Mojave Desert, with tumble weed and echoes of a more glorious past rolling through, it is rather an artistic, philosophical document of a bygone era. It is brought to life by film maker Brett Novak (mb! By mercedes-benz) to showcase Kilians spectacular skills in this unique setting with an atmospheric soundtrack from Patrick Watson.

Watch the video here:


Photo ©DeVende Photography


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