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Lee Fields is a self-described “Blues and Soul Man,” and judging by his passion for both genres, it’s easy to see how he made a name for himself.

“The spirit is what binds everything,” says Lee Fields. “The spirit is always in mine. What I mean by that is that you’re singing from your soul, singing with your heart.”

On the latest Red Bull Music Academy Radio Fireside Chat, Fields talks about his 1970s hit Let’s Talk it Over, the story of a man whose soulmate has just walked out the door. Fields explains: “If you got nothing to say to each other, than it’s done. It’s a done deal. That’s what the song is about.”

Fields also guides us through some of his favourite and most inspirational tracks, including Kool & The Gang’s Jungle Boogie. Watching K&TG at an early age made a huge impact on him and inspired him to explore the dense musical terrain of soul and blues.

Fields is a dedicated musician who, despite never having struck it rich over the past 30 years, has made some truly impressive tracks that rival the best of his time. Disappointed by the onset of electronic music at the beginning of the 80s, Fields found it difficult to play clubs and took to working in real estate but still has managed to churn out albums over the years.

Join Lee in a fireside chat on Red Bull Music Academy Radio:


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